Friday, December 4, 2015

Accidental Holiday Weaning Advent Calendar

by Lauren Foley

Whichever holidays you celebrate this time of year it can be a hectic time for you and your nursling.  This interactive advent calendar has some tips to help you avoid "accidental holiday weaning"!  We suggest you make the calendar full screen before clicking the numbers.

For further information about accidental holiday weaning, please visit one of the sources listed below and don't forget to reach out to a lactation counselor or peer mentor in your local Mom2Mom chapter, La Leche League, or other support group if you need help or advice!  If you're local to the KMC, please feel free to reach out to or or message our public Facebook page for information about our weekly Breastfeeding Cafes and presentations or to find out how to get in touch with a local lactation counselor.

(Just a few!) Holiday Weaning Resources:

Breastfeeding Needs -  Breastfeeding during the holidays and holiday weaning
La Leche League - Holiday Weaning
babybelly - Holiday Weaning - 10 Tips to Avoid Accidental Holiday Weaning
Oasis Lactation Services - Beware of Holiday Weaning
BabyCenter - 6 Tips to avoid accidental weaning during the holidays