Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Poem From A Local Mom

by Elizabeth Anderson 24. October 2014

This is the result of a nursing baby, insomnia and too much caffeine at 2 a.m. 

Incorrect latch, not enough milk, birth weight loss, it's all too much
Sleepy baby, not enough help, and just when things are looking up your nipples become too sore to touch.
Don't give up mama 3 days along, you've got this keep breastfeeding strong.
Then comes the milk drunk face, but there's the fear to nurse in a public place.
Nursing through growth spurts and your up all night.
To Co sleep or not that is the fight.
Still not enough weight gain, what's a mom to do?
Supplement like doctors say or keep relying just on you?
Don't give up mama 3 months along,
You've got this keep breastfeeding strong.
Now there's teeth that are razor sharp ; the tugging and biting makes you want to stop.
Add in grabby fingers and short attention spans, you may be feeling like closing up shop.
Don't give up mama 6 months along, you've got this keep breastfeeding strong.
Plugged duct or mastitis what's the best cure?
Salt water soaks, coconut oil, gravity nursing, power pumping, something will work for sure.
Nursing strikes and solid food
Can put baby and you both in a bad mood.
Don't give up mama 9 months along.
You've got this keep breastfeeding strong.
It's time to wean don't wait another day.
That baby's too old is what all the people say.
But now you've perfected the craft of nursing while cooking and cleaning and on the go.
And nursing in public without putting on show.
Don't give up mama 12 months along
You've done this, you've got this, keep breastfeeding strong 

We thought this poem was just too sweet and accurate not to share!  Thank you, Elizabeth!

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