Monday, February 2, 2015

What happens at Breastfeeding Cafe?

by Lauren Foley, Community Outreach Director Mom2Mom KMC

With the holidays over and the weather still gray and gloomy here in Germany it seems like everyone is getting a little bit stir crazy.  What do you do with yourself and your kids when it's too cold and rainy to get out of the house?  Mom2Mom KMC has the perfect antidote for those cranky kids and lonely moms: come to Breastfeeding Cafe, of course!

But what happens at a Breastfeeding Cafe?  Is there coffee? Breastfeeding? Yes to both! Breastfeeding Cafe (or BFC as we like to call it) is a wonderful place to meet and mingle with moms and their tots.  Pregnant mamas, brand-new-moms, moms with toddlers, moms of multiples, working moms, and everyone in between can find something at BFC.  Did you know that the 10th step in the World Health Organization's Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding is continued support?  One of the best ways to achieve that is to build a strong support system of moms to get you through the rocky patches! And what better way to mingle than by keeping the kids busy with toys and peers? Snacks are provided by kind volunteers, coffee and tea are always available, and there are play areas set up for little kids as well as a play structure for the big ones!

Breastfeeding Cafes are a casual environment with no set schedule.  Are you chronically late or having a hard time getting on a schedule with a new addition? No worries!  We have our cafes for two hours and you are welcome to show up at any time and leave when you need to.

Do you have a question about breastfeeding?  Certified Lactation Counselors are always available during BFC to answer questions, evaluate latch, and give encouragement.  Or do you just need to vent your frustrations to like-minded-moms?  BFC is also a great forum to unwind from all the daily frustrations of motherhood as well as a place to celebrate all the little achievements.

Maybe you need volunteer hours for your resume?  Mom2Mom always has volunteer opportunities available, all the way from helping with set-up and tear-down at BFC, bringing snacks, serving on our event planning committees, or volunteering on our Board of Directors!

There are so many reasons to come to a Breastfeeding Cafe! We hope to see you there!

Breastfeeding Cafes are held weekly on Ramstein Air Base.  We also have a Double Duty BFC twice  a month on the weekend! For more details, please visit our Facebook group.

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